Amazing battery of the true wireless earbuds”PQ”

Amazing battery of the true wireless earbuds”PQ”

Talking about the true wireless earbuds, we usually take into consideration the following main factors: audio quality, price, convenience, noise reduction and the battery life.

A pair of earbuds with all above features, will make us feel good and definitely have a great experience.

Currently, most of the true wireless earbuds on the market have the functions we mentioned. But one thing that really bothers the earbuds lovers is the battery life.

Earbuds battery of the top brands usually last 5-10 hours per charge. Different people prefer different volume sizes, which indeed affect the use time of the battery life.

PQ true wireless earbuds now can solve the problem perfectly. Our charging case have four pieces of battery inside, which can consecutively be charged by the case, each battery can be fully charged 5 times if the case is fully charged which takes only 2 hours. In total, the battery volume can last around 150 hours per charge for the case.

The earbuds have got the stems which are exactly the magnetic designed battery, what an amazing creation!

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