Our Story

Being forced to interrupt is really upsetting, have you ever encountered such a situation?
Wireless headphones suddenly run out of power, and that feeling of being suddenly interrupted is really bad. Although you can put the headset back into the charging case for 5 to 10 minutes to recharge quickly. When you are running exercising enjoying and following the music pace, suddenly out of power may lead quit the exercise for even 5-10 minutes. Moreover, what is also delayed may be work or happy leisure time, it will make people be annoyed and upset all day.

The Y28 PQ headphones are designed to provide an excellent solution to this problem by directly swapping the battery.

Therefore, we have been studying on how to solve these problems perfectly. Eventually  we got our Aha Moment. We shared with our friends around us after we came up with this idea. They all recognized this idea so we decided to stick to it till our product was created.

At the time when we wanted to name the product, we could not think of a good name.  Unexpectedly one of our team members was staring at the earbuds and yelled: PQ!Why don't we call it PQ?  That pair of earbuds look exactly like the letter p and q. What a brilliant name!  It conforms to the minimalism we respect, simple and easy to remember.

PQ, meaning Power Quake, will bring you the best user experience in all aspects.