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pq earbuds

PQ Earbuds Spare Batteries

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PQ-Portable Mini Business Sports Earbuds

Pq earbuds created a precedent for replaceable battery earbuds. As a leader in the industry, we have the courage to overthrow the tradition and challenge the path that no one has crossed before. Beyond that, we have given the earbuds more colors to ensure that our customers can have diversified choices and diverse feelings. Therefore, we provide our customers with a choice of Black/ White/ Green/ Pink/ Blue/ Purple. The extra battery can bring you a better experience. You can choose different colors according to your mood of the day, so that every day is colorful. Please choose to buy at your preferences.

  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 3.1 x 1 cm(each) 1.0 gram

  • Warning:

    *Only use the specified charger for charging the batteries;
    *Do not insert the batteries with + and - ends reversed;
    *Do not put into fire or heat the batteries;
    *Do not solder the batteries;
    *Do not connect the + and -ends together with metal objects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sean Churchill
Love them

My new favorite earbuds had them for a couple years and still love them

Such a good idea!

This batteries are so good. I can't believe these are the only (successful) BT earbuds on the market for which you can get new batteries!