Kickstarter Orders Shipping Information Updates

Kickstarter Orders Shipping Information Updates

Dear valuable clients, we PQ team sincerely apologize here for the delay of shipment. Due to some quality inspection issues, we delayed. We just started shipping out orders from yesterday, please show a little more patience, your earbuds are now on the way.

All Kickstarter orders had been shipped in 2021.9.7.

We do the job, so we must make sure of the finished products with great quality, the following orders shipping info will be updated. 

Please keep on track through this link :

Thank you again for your trust and support.

Note: There are nearly 20 backers who did not provide address information. We have contacted serveral times but still have not get a reply. Please contact us as soon as possible.

We sort by the backer id so that everyone can quickly find their order information.


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