Wired or Wireless Earbuds?

Wired or Wireless Earbuds?

Some people believe that the wired earbuds are maturer than the wireless ones, while some enjoy the comfort-ability and convenience of the wireless earbuds.

Wired earbuds appeared on the market first, people don’t need to worry about the battery issue, some even say when two buds are wired with a cable, not easily getting lost, some claim that the wired have better audio quality.

However, the market is crammed with more and more wireless earbuds. Why is that?

Market need? Future trend? Or the technology is moving big steps ahead?

Actually wired and wireless earbuds are totally two different things.

Wireless headphones have a system composed of a Bluetooth receptor, a DAC, an amplifier and a transducer, powered by an included battery.

Wired headphones are just transducers, and that’s it!

 To me, wireless earbuds are more attractive, I enjoy simple, classy stuff, especially regarding small gadgets, it’s so cool!

Wireless earbuds look small and simple, but really powerful internally, there are a lot of technological design and codecs involved, regarding battery life, sound quality, water-resistance, noise-canceling, signal strength, comfortability, Portability etc...

The world is moving forward, and the technology is improving, and people’s need keeps changing to a higher level. So why not try the changing wireless earbuds, observe the whole journey of its growth and development, of course taste the surprise it will bring to us.

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