1. How do I pair the earbuds with my device?
1) Simply open the lid of the charging case and open your equipment's Bluetooth panel you will see Y28 showing and simply connect it.
2) Once the buds are paired with your device, it will automatically connect next time.

2. How do I pair the left and right buds to each other?
The left and right earbuds are paired to each other by default. 

3. How do I charge the earbuds?
The buds are designed switchable batteries, you can easily change batteries when they are dying out. Simply put them back to the charging box and it will be charged.

4. Will the earbuds connect to my gaming console?
Yes, if your gaming console supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair and connect the earbuds and use them for audio and voice chat. You’ll need to check each game for chat availability through Bluetooth.

5. What happened if i didn't receive my product?
If the tracking number you received for your order showed that your package was delivered but you did not receive it, please check with your neighbors and you local carrier first. Make sure there was not an error in delivery.
If you are still unable to locate your package or the tracking number does not show any progress, please contact us: support@pqearbuds,com

6. What if I put the wrong address on my order?
Before the product is delivered, we will make an attempt to contact the carrier and change the shipment address for you.
To prevent errors and avoid delays, please be sure to double-check the address before submitting your order.
If the order has been delivered, but the error is minor, the package is at the correct parcel depot, and the address can be resolved by your carrier, the shipping carrier may, at their discretion, try to deliver if they can still recognize the address. ("Minor" address errors include errors such as an incorrect zip code or wrong apartment number.)
If the order has been delivered, but the carrier can't resolve the address and is unable to deliver the package, it will be returned to our fulfillment center. Once we notify the return, our Customer Support Team will contact you to rearrange the delivery.
If the order has shipped via special carrier, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL (International) they may be able to assist with an address change however an additional charge to reroute the package may apply.
If you have any of these address issues, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.
PQ Earbuds Team