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Pq Earbuds

Longest Lasting & Interchangeable Magnetic Attach Battery Wireless Earbuds (PQ Y28)

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World's First Interchangeable Magnetic Attach Battery In-Ear Earbuds

Enjoy an uninterrupted and stellar performance of the wireless earbuds that just keep going with seamlessly exchangeable batteries.

It happened and it happened to us. You’re having an important call that cannot be interrupted and, suddenly, your wireless earbuds die off. The battery is empty and you’re scrambling to see how you can get your earbuds charged again to go back to the call… but the damage is done. That’s why we decided to create Pq Earbuds, the world’s first Battery Exchangeable Wireless Earbuds.

So here’s the thing: how could it make sense for you to have to stop using the earbuds because they are out of power when, ideally, their battery should be separately chargeable? That’s what we thought and that’s why we designed Pq Earbuds with two separate elements—the earbuds, which can keep going and working for you, and the battery, which can be detached and charged separately while you attach a charged battery to the earbuds to keep them working.


Pq Earbuds come with a pair of earbuds and a pair of batteries safely and neatly attached through magnetic attraction. It also comes with a spare pair of batteries and a charging case. In a nutshell, whenever you’re not using them, you can keep the earbuds and batteries charging inside the charging case. When you need to use the earbuds and they go out of power, you can enjoy the peace of mind of instantly replacing the dead battery with the fully charged batteries without having to interrupt your conference call, gaming session, or Netflix movie. As simple as that!

Pq Earbuds can be used continuously for 6 hours of listening to music before the battery needs to be replaced. Once you instantly replace it, the newly charged battery will work for another 6 hours—and the cycle can be repeated. Also, it only takes 30 mins to fully recharge the earbud or battery, and, if you’re using the earbud charging case, it can provide 150 hours of battery life in only one full charge. In other words, there’s nothing like it on the market! There’s also a battery percentage display to let you know where the battery stands!

We know, it sounds like a hot movie title, and, frankly, these earbuds are as hot as they come! Their magnetic attraction design supports the ease of usage in terms of battery exchangeability. The battery seamlessly attaches and detaches from the earbud but it is securely held by the earbud. This means that the battery will never fall off the earbuds accidentally. It only comes out, as easy as it is, if you manually detach it from the earphones. The magnetic attraction feature is designed in a playful way that can also relieve anxiety and relax your mood, just like fidget spinners. Also, the design is modern, and the appearance is cute—it resembles the image of a peashooter!


Our very unique earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit into your ears comfortably and to stay securely held there to prevent them from falling off. They also come with three different sizes of ear tips that adjust to different ears. All for your comfort and convenience!

Get ready for an amazing sound quality with stereo surround sound, extremely powerful bass, high fidelity, super effective physical noise reduction because Pq Earbuds are built with a chip that’s designed to rock! Pq Earbuds are also equipped with advanced chip dual audio decoding for no delay and for perfect audio and picture synchronization—something really important for gaming.


We know looks matter and that your devices are a reflection of your style. Pq Earbuds come available in different colors, which means you can change colors every day based on your mood. Also, durability is a concern, especially considering most earbuds are made of plastic. So we decided to build the batteries of Pq Earbuds in a strong metal alloy. Also, you can upgrade your case to a metal case. The metal surface is also textured and more comfortable to the touch.

The Touch Control feature of Pq Earbuds allows you to choose the previous or next track, answer or hang out calls, play and pause, voice assistance, without having to pull out your phone to select these features. In fact, you won’t even remember your phone is there.



Unlike what you may experience with other earbuds, with Pq Earbuds, there’s no waiting involved. The earbuds will be instantly connected to your device once you take them out of the charging case. Pq Earbuds are compatible with Android devices, iOS devices, Windows, macOS, VR Headsets, Smart TVs, and any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Pq earbuds are a True Wireless earphone set. They provide the most powerful and stable transmission available. Also, all the electronics and circuitry responsible for the device’s Bluetooth transmission, audio drivers for the speakers, and for the microphone, are entirely and neatly stored within the head of this earbud. We decided to use Bluetooth 5.0—the latest Bluetooth technology available on the market—with dual host transmission to allow Pq Earbuds to respond faster and with transmission delay. Special core dual decoding leads to no inductive delay to achieve audio and video synchronization, which again is extremely important for gamers. 

At Pq Earbuds, we leverage 5 years of intensive work in developing portable consumer electronics, based on our common background in electronics, industrial design and marketing. Our mission is simple: to develop the best earbuds ever that cater to all your preferences and requirements. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce you to Pq Earbuds!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Attila Essig
Product problem and unavailable support

Unfortunately, the earbuds I ordered, has a bass leak problem on the right earbud, which makes it unpleasant to use. I tried to reach out to the support group weeks before, but they haven't answered yet.

Not too disappointed

I ordered deep gray and blue ones. The case colors mached in some degree but headphone and battery colors were nothing like in the pictures. Sound quality could be a little better though its not that bad. I ordered these for the changeable battery and that works fine. Also i like that there is no buttons but a tapping mechanism for answering calls and pausing music etc. Overall a decent product for longer listening hours but not the best quality.

I love them they are

I love them they are awesome

Kezra B

The setup was super easy and fun. Just be sure to follow the instructions that are provided, and you are happy with the placement before they begin to mold. The quality of the ear buds is amazing! I love the fact that I can personalize the sounds for my ears. The match is really good to. They never fall out. My ears are super small making most earbuds create bruises inside my ear after thirty minutes or so. I have worn these for hours and never worried about them falling out or hurting my ears.

Good but not great

Battery life is very good and the interchangeability is great. Switching from Pixel buds that have swiping for volume control, PQ are not as convenient. The sound is fine although I usually listen to audio books only. The tap strength needed for control is too much - the tap detection could be more sensitive I think. The one feature that screams low quality is the voice that says "Connected." It's almost unintelligible. Overall, I would recommend because of the battery design.